My transcontinental cooperation with a beautiful woman with a beautiful voice


I see you in me
in you
all around me
You color the dreams
in my eyes
seeing you
seeing me...

Night fades away
in sleep
you find me
I turn to your voice
and time stands still
seeing you
seeing me...

Here in the light
I call out your name
passing through time
you carry me away
seeing you
seeing me....


from Distant Proximities, released November 4, 2011




Tangram Hungary

"Hungarian electronic musician Fabók Péter has been dishing out a steady stream of albums since 2005. His stage name Tangram obviously points a finger in Tangerine Dream's general direction, and when you then start diving into this man's, by now, vast discography - there is indeed an emphasis on the melodically enhanced, breezy early 80s material from the original pioneers of the genre." ... more


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